POD 1: 381 BC: Wuqi focuses on relocating the aristocrats more in his reforms. Thus, after the death of the King of Chu, he was able to support the new King before the aristocrats executed him for his reformations that decreased aristocratic power and influence.

380 BCEdit

374 BC: Chu, under the command of Wuqi, attacks the state of Yue with 80,000 Chu soldiers, 150 ships and 10,000 cavalry. Chu defeats Yue and captured its capital in Suzhou. Chu expands to the East China Sea and concentrates on colonizing the area south of the Yangtze River. Chu ends its expansion and slowly becomes less active in foreign affairs, although is considered to be a large and powerful nation in the south.

360 BCEdit

359 BC: Qin begins to reform under the official Shang Yang. Shang Yang prized a strong and stable legal system and Qin becomes the first nation ruled by law in China. Shang Yang focused on promoting agricultural and colonizing land to the west of Qin. Moreover, he weakened the aristocrats of Qin and created an unifrom taxing method. Furthermore, he united the measurements of height, weight and currency. Shang Yang also focused on the military and also began a cult of personality in the military to prevent himself from the revenge of aristocrats as learnt from Wuqi.

356 BC: Additional reforms by Shang Yang.

353 BC: 

340 BCEdit

339 BC: Han completes its reformation and declares war on Zhou, the de jure leading nation of state. Han quickly subdues Zhou, who was operating on a hugely outdated law and had a minuscule army less than 10,000 soldiers. After Han conquers Zhou, Han gives the nine ding (鼎) of China, which symbolizes the nine provinces of China, to each de facto controller of the provinces. This act stopped the major nations from invading Han with the de jure reason of conquering the nation of the Son of the Sky and de facto reason of felling that Han has grew too powerful. With Zhou gone, the actions of the warlords and states becomes much less regulated and the idea of a unified China slowly melted away

320 BCEdit

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