These are the editorial guidelines for the Never Unfied China ATL. That being said, PLEASE read and follow these guidelines before making any edits/adding new pages to the timeline.


Please try to keep things to a plausible level. Despite changes in the timeline from ours, the real world works in the same way in this ATL as it does in OTL. Generally, things that couldn't possibly happen in our timeline shouldn't happen in this one. Please do not insert aliens, magic or supernatural elements, if we had discovered them, we should have all be flying around in the sky by now. Also remember that even if certain things is a possible decision for people or nations, they should also be probable and plausible for them to have it happen. Unlikely but possible things can be allowed, as long as there is a good explanation as for why it happened over a more likely thing or outcome and unlikely events are not overused.






Science and TechnologyEdit


This ATL is intended to be a "current" or "parallel" ATL where everything happens within the same time frame like OTL. So please avoid future history apart from short-term (like scheduled sport events, elections, etc).

Adopting ArticlesEdit

Sometimes, real life causes editors to go missing, leaving their articles with no one to update them. Due to the nature of the timeline, its unrealistic to allow articles to remain unchanged while the history of this world marches on. So, if an editor has been missing, or has no intention of adding to their articles, another editor can adopt his articles. We ask that the adopting editor make an attempt to contact the missing editor by leaving a message on his or her talk page. If the missing editor does not respond in one week, the adopting editor can safely become the new caretaker of the article in question.

Scholars of Jixia AcademyEdit

The scholars of Jixia Academy is an organization of contributors to the timeline that provides us with a sense of identity and ownership. Moderators are "Professeurs of Jixia Academy" and preside over the Scholars. After one sign up as a scholar of the Jixia Academy, one can create their own title and own expertise. The expertise should be narrow and precise to allow many people to claim their own expertise This is to organize contributing, and to prevent the entire world from being a free-for all.

If you want to contribute to the timeline, but see someone claims the expertise that you are looking to contribute to, fear not! Try to contact the user in question, but if that is impossible, you can create add information on an expertise related to their own.

Some TipsEdit

  • This timeline will concentrate on the Americas for now, specifically North America. Make only passing vague references to Latin America at the moment and no references save legends, myths, and tales of the Old World.
  • The goal of this timeline is to create an accurate scenario of a world with a split China. Make sure to research the region you're working on, specifically the soil type, climate, vegetation, population, culture, etc.
  • On the Regions page, we will outline the general regions of the world and the general plans for them. Try to fit them within the plans, though like everything in the world, there will be exceptions.
  • Remember, factors of the region that your nation is formed in will be MAJOR influences on your nation's government, culture, population centers, expansion et cetera.
    • Example: Ancient Egypt was built along the Nile River and never went too far away from its banks due to the hot and dry climate of the surrounding region, and was peopled by the descendents of ancient hunter/gatherers on the once-fertile Sahara.

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